50th Birthday

For some event photography I’ve also been taking along one light and a backdrop to compliment the documentary style they also want to give them variety.
It’s a good way to get together with family members and get some more professional photos at the same time set up in their lounge.  From a 50th birthday party on the weekend.
birthday_photographer_50th birthday_photographer_50th_1

Maraetai Wedding

I had the pleasure of shooting Cass & Daniel’s Maraetai wedding a few weeks ago, despite the rainy weather and having to miss out on some outdoor bridal photos it was a real nice wedding to be a part of.
This is just a small selection of pics from their day,  a full gallery up on my wedding site here.

maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_1 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_2 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_3 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_4 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_5 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_6 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_7 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_8 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_9 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_10 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_11 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_12 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_13 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_14 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_15 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_16 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_17 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_18 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_19 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_20 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_21 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_22 maraetai_auckland_nz_wedding_photographer_23

Baby Photos

Simple and clean baby photos on a white backdrop.
Portable able to come to you to photograph in the comfort of your own home,. For pricing and booking contact me through the contact form.



Art of Copper

Product photography for Art of Copper.
Copper pots, and utensils.
If you are needing product photography message me for a quote.
Product photographer Auckland.

product_photographer_auckland_1 product_photographer_auckland_2 product_photographer_auckland_3

Fragrance Bottle Product Photography

Fragrance bottle product photography.
Saw a fragrance add I liked so wanted to give it a try. Got a bottle of Joop so wanted to practice glass lighting and I also really liked the colour. Wish I had more boom arms and lights to try more lighting and angles also some snoots or even some gels, even a tripod would be nice lol…. one day.


Product Photography

Product photography Auckland.

Some examples of small product photography, edited and clear cut white backgrounds. Prefect for e-commerce.

Small products are able to be posted, photographed then posted back.

frend_product_photographer_aucklandlynx_product_photographer_aucklandbeef_straps_product_photographer_auckland axe_product_photographer_aucklandwww.roscoe.co.nz